The Yankee Gin Smash

The Yankee Gin Smash, available at all Keystone venues during World Cocktail Week, 4th - 13th May 2012. Tanqueray No. 10 gin, dried cranberries, aromatic mint, fresh lemon and sweet honey. Smashed with ice and served tall.

In America, the ‘smash’ style of cocktail was very popular in the 1850’s. Here we do a modern twist using new techniques, ingredients and some fancy liquor. All the while remaining true to its dandy origins and yankee flavours. Originally with brandy and then whiskey, we decided on a version with aromatic Tanqueray gin.

Here’s one we made earlier…

The Yankee Gin Smash

GARNISH: Lemon wheel, a mint sprig and dried cranberries.


45ml Tanqueray No. 10
4 Lemon wedges
15ml Honey syrup*
5-7 Dried cranberries
4-6 mint leaves


Muddle the cranberries, honey and lemon wedges in a boston glass, add gin and shake hard.

*Honey syrup is equal parts honey and water - simply dissolve honey in boiling water.

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